Upcoming Publication in the 2015 National Flash Fiction Anthology!

I’m delighted to announce that my flash fiction ‘Saharan Shades’ will be published in this year’s National Flash Fiction Day anthology! Links will be added to the publications page in due course.

You can see the full list of stories accepted for this year’s anthology, which is on the theme of Geography by following this link here ——> this one.

What is also wonderful is that I am a part of a writer’s group called ‘Company of Writers’ and five of our members (myself included) will have stories published in this anthology! So a warm well done also to Diane (who won 3rd place in this year’s Micro Competition), Chris, Jenny, and Mazzy! Well done guys! (I said ‘also’ a lot there!)

I adore National Flash Fiction Day – a day dedicated to this wonderfully short but powerful form of writing. I was first published in the 2014 anthology (details of which are on the publications page) so be included in this year’s anthology feels great because it reminds me of my very first publication.

There are so many incredible events running this year, details of which can be found HERE. I’ll be going to some of these in Bristol – it will be great to see you there too!

Without wanting to give too much away, my flash fiction is based on my night spent in the Sahara desert, but the tale is more sinister than it sounds…

National Flash Fiction Day is directed by Calum Kerr, a man who works incredibly hard to make this day happen every year. He’s published numerous flash fiction collections, all of which are excellent, and I encourage you all to read them if you haven’t already done so.

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