Upcoming Publication in 101 Words!

My flash fiction ‘High Street’ will be published at 101 Words on Thursday 25th June 2015! 

What is pretty amazing is that I discovered 101 Words via Twitter, liked what I read what they published, and decided to submit my own writing to them only today! I really liked the premise of the site; the idea is to write a story in exactly 101 words. Not 100, or 102: it must be 101 words. I’m looking forward to ‘High Street’ being published here among the other flash fiction on this website, as well as attempting to write 101 word stories and submitting them in future.

As with flash fiction of any length it is important to consider every word used and writing one which is only 101 words in length has enabled me to think carefully about each word used and if it does what I want it to. The great thing about writing flash fiction is that, though what is written on the page is vital to a reader’s understanding of what is going on, everything that is left unsaid achieves more for readers, and writing a story with only 101 words means that subtext is everything.

I shall write a new post on publication day for ‘High Street’ when it’s published with a link to the story and add it to my publications page. Meanwhile, definitely check out 101 Words and the other stories that have already been published – perhaps you should write your own and send it to them too! You can find the website by following this link: 101 Words.

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