Flash Fiction: Upon Discovering That Cows Can Swim by Santino Prinzi

Poetry & Lit

Upon Discovering that Cows Can Swim

You’re on a boat on Lake Nicaragua. A tour. Your reflection in the water is murky, like a shadowy chartreuse twin staring up from beneath the surface. You want to touch her, your twin, but you don’t. You’re always refraining. That’s when you hear their breathing, and you’re not the only one. Others on the boat have spotted the cows grazing on floating foliage. You look up to see another cow swimming down the creek. She looks majestic, graceful, her horns sharp and glistening. You want to fashion a wreath from wildflowers and crown her. The captain conducting the tour says cows are his favourite animal and he rubs his stomach. You spy the stomach hanging from beneath his t-shirt, that reddish-pink of flesh peeping from polyester. There’s nothing friendly about this. The others laugh at his jokes while you contemplate veganism. The swimming…

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