Dots and other flashes of perception

(The Nottingham Review Press, 2016)

Santino Prinzi’s debut collection of delicate, precise flash fictions examines a diverse range of characters whose perceptions of everyday life are challenged by their interactions with those around them. Dots explores how our views of the world may not always connect to reality.

“Santino Prinzi’s engaging, well-paced stories combine the contemporary moment of Netflix and Facebook with the timeless struggles in human relationships. Sometimes poignant, sometimes humorous, always insightful, Dots shows Prinzi’s promise as a great storyteller.” – Carrie Etter 

“Reading one of Santino Prinzi’s stories is like watching a master stonemason at work. He carves his stories, with fine strokes of a chisel composed of words. At the end he leaves a breathless sculpture, standing solid and immovable in the mind.” – Calum Kerr

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“Santino Prinzi’s wonderful debut is an astonishing collection, a thoughtful and insightful collection, a poignant and heartfelt collection. It is all of these things and more.” – Tim Stevenson, via Goodreads.

“Read this collection – you’ll be glad you did and you’ll go back to read your favourites.” – Alva Holland, via Goodreads.

“Each story is a little slice of life, carefully crafted so the impact is far greater than the word count should allow. There are so many different moods, dramas and characters brought to life in these pages, you’d be forgiven for thinking there were multiple authors.” – Chris Stanley, via Goodreads.