(From left to right throughout)

cxx_fsxusaa1x7g  anthcover2016  9390736_orig

A Cache of Flashes: The Worcestershire Literary Festival 2016 AnthologyFeatures my flash fiction ‘Corrections’, which won Third Prize. Available to purchase from Black Pear Press here. Available on Amazon soon.

A Box of Stars Beneath the Bed: National Flash Fiction Day 2016 Anthology. Features my flash fiction ‘Ten Things that Happened After My Funeral’. Available to purchase in paperback and on kindle.

The Best of Vine Leaves Literary Journal 2015Features my vignette ‘October’. Available to purchase in paperback from Vine Leaves Literary Journal.

landmarks  eating my words

Landmarks: 2015 National Flash Fiction Day Anthology. Features my flash fiction ‘Saharan Shades’. Available to purchase in paperback and on kindle.

Eating My Words: 2014 National Flash Fiction Day AnthologyFeatures my flash fiction ‘What We Do In Our Sleep’. Available to purchase in paperback and on kindle.

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