visual verse

‘I Could Be Anyone’ published by Visual Verse!

I have a flash fiction called ‘I Could Be Anyone’ over at Visual Verse. It’s in response to a brilliant photo prompt. To check it out, follow this link here: ‘I Could Be Anyone’ – Visual Verse, Volume 4 Chapter 1.


‘The Dot on the Horizon Isn’t the Sun’ Published by Visual Verse!

Chuffed to bits to have had a flash fiction published by the wonderful Visual Verse. Their journal provide a photo prompt, and you have to respond to it within an hour with a flasher a poem within 50-500 words.

It’s a great idea, and they publish all of the stories and poems together as one mini anthology online. My flash inspired by the picture, ‘The Dot on the Horizon Isn’t the Sun’ is in Volume Three, Chapter Three, and is available to read following this link here: ‘The Dot on the Horizon Isn’t the Sun’.