‘Mother Knows Best’ Published by FlashFlood for National Flash Fiction Day!

My flash fiction ‘Mother Knows Best’ was published as a part of FlashFlood for National Flash Fiction Day!

I love FlashFlood. The idea is that, for one day, the journal publishes a flash fiction every ten minutes, meaning you get a deluge of brilliant fiction. There are over 140 flashes in total, so plenty for you to read and enjoy!

If you’d like to read ‘Mother Knows Best’ you can do so by following this link here: FlashFlood.

‘Mother Knows Best’ to be Published by FlashFlood!

My flash fiction, ‘Mother Knows Best’, will be published at around 2pm BST on Saturday 25th June by FlashFlood as a part of the celebrations for National Flash Fiction Day 2016.

FlashFlood is a brilliant online journal who publish a flash fiction roughly every ten minutes on National Flash Fiction Day itself. They are currently open for submissions, so why not submit your own flash fiction of 500 words or fewer? To find out more, follow this link here: FlashFlood.

‘Miss/Hit’ Published in FlashFlood – and Happy National Flash Fiction Day Everyone!

My very short flash fiction ‘Miss/Hit’ has been published in FlashFlood as a part of National Flash Fiction Day, which is today! You can read my story by following this link here. There’s already a really nice comment on there about it! Thrilled!

There’s so much going on today! There are free events in Bristol, as well as other places, and we also have The Write In where you’re required to write a piece of flash fiction from one of the prompts featured on the website.

So get involved!

You can check out details of what’s happening today on the National Flash-Fiction Day website and blog.
You can join The Write In if you’re up for the challenge! The link is here –> The Write In.

Happy National Flash Fiction Day everyone! I’ll be heading to this event in Bristol tonight and I’m so excited! 11249098_994592180574437_6512978828450806443_n

Upcoming Publication in FlashFlood!

I’m thrilled to announce that my flash fiction ‘Miss / Hit’ will be published in Issue 7 of FlashFlood Journal.

It will be published at around 06:00 BST on Saturday June 27th, which is National Flash-Fiction Day. I’ll post a link to the story in the publications page on the day.

The good news is – you could get your flash fiction published in FlashFlood too! Submissions are open until 23:59 BST on Wednesday 24th 2015, and submissions are free!

The only stipulation is that the flash fiction is 500 words or less. So if you want to submit you can do so by following this link.

There are lots of things I love about this journal. Firstly, they publish flash fiction throughout the day, hence the name; they intention is to flood the internet with flash fiction, so they publish one every ten minutes (or thereabouts). Secondly, on the three occasions I have submitted writing for this journal it has always been the story I least expected to be accepted for publication that does – this is always a nice surprise for me! Finally, it is run by Calum Kerr and his team of editors who all do a fantastic job with this journal every time it runs, and Calum works incredibly hard to ensure National Flash Fiction Day happens each year.

I’m delighted to be included in this journal again, and I urge you all to submit your own writing to this great journal! I hope you’ll all enjoy reading ‘Hit / Miss’ when it’s published – it’s very short!